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4-in-1 Database Converter

Excel To Access Converter
This code is used to convert entire Excel Workbooks to Access Databases, each Excell Worksheet in the Workbook becomes a new Table in the new Access Database. This codes has a problem processing more than one file at a time without stopping and restarting the program. It looks as if it is processing the file but it never actually imports the next file's Worksheets.

Access To MySQL Converter
This program convert Access Database to the MySQL database. It has many functions like Copy Full Database, Create Only Structure, Create And Copy Database, Create Table Structure, Create And Coppy Table, Coppy Only Row etc.

Any To Any Converter v1.0
Using ADO & ADOX, convert between various database formats like Text, Access, Excel, dBASE, Paradox, HTML. You are not required to have that specific application installed to generate the destination (output) atabase. for example, without having Excel installed, you can create Excel sheet.

Database List Maker with HTML Support
The program connects to a database that is in the same directory as the source code, its able to convert the list into an HTML table and preview it in a web browser control. Put in a couple more buttons to make the search a little easier.
From now on, there is no need to type out long lists by hand - let the computer do it for you!. There is a ReadMe file included with the ZIP that gives you some SQL statements to use and the structure of the database so you can experiment with this program.

Download 4-in-1 Database Converter
This file came from home millions of lines of source code.
The authors may have retained certain copyrights to this code.
please vote, observe their request and the law by reviewing all copyright conditions at the readme file.

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