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VB6 Anti Decompiler

VB 6 AntiDecompiler is a software tool that disables the decompilation of VB 6 native code programs. Today the decompilation can be performed by services like the VB Decompiler Service and tools like VB ReFormer or VB Decompiler. AntiDecompiler will stops the decompilation completely. After a program was processed by this software the decompilers will produce no output at all.

This software is not an EXE encryptor/packer since these are weak protections against the decompilation. You should use such tools as an additional security layer only. VB 6 Anti Decompiler prevents the decompilation. It was written in MS VB 6 and protected by itself. We know that VB 6 AntiDecompiler will protect itself against decompilation. The protected EXE must be shipped with the msvbvm60.dll from your windows system folder. Your software installation program should put the DLL in to the EXE installation folder. Version 2 has total protection agains the decompilers, protection agains changes to the project, forms and controls.

Download VB6 AntiDecompiler 2

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