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Compressor ver 0.01 for winamp

Compressor ver 0.01 for winamp
Based on Shibatch Super Equalizer ver 0.03 for winamp
written by Naoki Shibata

Shibatch Super Equalizer is a graphic and parametric equalizer plugin for winamp. This plugin uses 16383th order FIR filter with FFT algorithm. It's equalization is very precise. Equalization setting can be done for each channel separately.

Processes of internal equalizer in winamp are actually done by each input plugin, so the results may differ for each input plugin. With this plugin, this problem can be avoided.

This plugin is optimized for processors which have cache equal to or greater than 128k bytes(16383*2*sizeof(float) = 128k). This plugin won't work efficiently with K6 series processors. Do not forget pressing "preview" button after changing setting.

FFT part is a routine made by Mr.Ooura. This routine is a freeware. Contact Mr.Ooura for details of distributing licenses.

Download dsp_compressor001

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