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Winning More Bids on the Freelance Bidding Sites

Winning bids on the freelance bidding sites can be pretty difficult even if you have lots of experience within a certain area. While there are lots of clients looking for people to do work for them, there are that many and more people looking to do the work. The competition for the posted jobs can be fierce.

Placing a winning bid on selected job postings is essential to getting some of these jobs. Your bid will need to stand out more than all the other bids that are placed for that one job. If your bid doesn't stand out, it will only get lost in the swarm of other unwanted bids. Here are some tips to help you get your bid noticed:
  • Take your time with your profile resume and update regularly- Your profile resume needs to show what experience or skills you have that pertain to the jobs you plan to post for. If your profile resume isn't good, you'll probably lose the jobs you bid on; even if you place a great bid.
  • Don't be afraid to place lower bids when you're just starting out- Most freelancers will place lower bids to help them win projects. The more you win the more positive feedback you can receive. The higher ratings you get, the more likely you will win bids for the higher paying postings in the future. Keep in mind, though, that you're still worth the time and effort you put into these jobs, so don't go overboard in bidding low.
  • Look professional when placing your bids- Usually, when you place your bid, there will be a section that you can write what makes you perfect for that job. This is where you should write a statement that shows you are the one that they should hire. Don't make your statement short and choppy and make sure your words are spelled correctly.
  • Write your experience or skills that relate to the job and leave out those that don't have anything to do with it. Also, refrain from making statements of how desperate you are to work or just saying that "I can do it for you" and leaving it at that. Unprofessional looking bids will be skimmed over quite quickly.
  • State the facts only in your profile resume and in your bid statements- Exaggerating your skills will only catch up to you in the long run. If they think you have more experience than you do and you don't live up to that expectation, your rating will be affected, thus jeopardizing your chance for the good paying positions.
  • Don't rush through the bidding process- Rushing through them will only cause mistakes within the bids you place. Take your time with your bid to eliminate those mistakes before submitting those bids.
Show potential clients that you can be the professional they need by making your bids stand out from the others. Build a good profile rating for yourself and you can start bidding on the higher paying positions that will bring you more income and possibly ongoing work as well.

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