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Free Setup Maker By Its Best

  • Inno Setup - Best of Freeware
    Inno Setup is a free installer for Windows programs, Support for all 32-bit Windows versions including for the latest Windows 2000/XP wizard style. It's create a single EXE to install your program for easy distribution online or on disk in standard wizard interface, Full source code is available, features include; Creation of shortcuts anywhere, including in the Start Menu and on the desktop. Creation of registry and .INI entries. Customizable setup types, e.g. Full, Minimal, Custom. Complete uninstall capabilities. Installation of files. Silent install and uninstall.
    »» Download Inno Setup 5.2.3.exe (1,385kb) - Visit website

  • Inno Setup Extensions (pascal scripting) - Best script added
    Inno Setup Extensions is currently based on Inno Setup 2.0.6 and adds 'advanced Pascal scripting' to Inno Setup. The advanced Pascal scripting feature adds lots of new possibilities to customize your Setup at run-time.
    »» Download Inno Setup Extensions (1,3Mb) - Visit website

  • FS ZIP Extractor - best of modify
    FS ZIP Extractor (FSZIPX) is a freeware zip self-extractor stub that allows you to create self-extracting zip archives that are run as an executable file. FS ZIP Extractor is used to modify zip files so that they can be unzipped without having any unZIP software installed. If a .zip file is made into a self-extracting .zip, the user can unzip the file(s) by clicking on the .exe. They would not need an unzip software installed on their computer.
    »» Download FSZIPX 1.3 (320kb) - Visit website

  • GK Setup - best for internet distribution
    GkSetup allows you to create professional installations for your software. This free tool is mostly ideal for internet distribution. The easy user interface will reduce your support calls.
    »» Download GKSetup 2.35 (3,16mb) - Visit website

  • SSE Setup - best for customization
    If you're looking for FREE customizable installation/uninstallation program, then this is for you. It can copy files, register DLL's/OCX's, create/set/delete registry entires both on installation and uninstallation. Create any number of links to any number of locations, etc. Plus upgrade/patch support and much more!
    »» Download SSE Setup 5.1 (3 MB) - Visit website

  • Install Wizard Creator - best easy of use
    Install Wizard Creator is an en extremely easy to use 3-Step program that creates professional looking Install programs. Just follow the Creator's simple instructions and it will produce a quality 4-Page Installer. This program is specifically designed for those who find the other Setup or Install Makers too complex.
    »» Download Install Wizard Creator (523Kb) - Visit website

  • Xenoage Java Exe Starter - best solver (execute jar file in exe)
    In Java you can generate executable jar-files but most Windows users are only familiar with exe files. Moreover it is not possible to assign icons to a Java Archive. This program solves these problems by generating an exe, with an arbitrary icon, that starts the jar when it is launched.
    »» Download Xenoage Java Exe Starter 2 0 - Visit website

  • RedShift Installation System - Best real time preview
    RedShift enables you to create a very simple, smart looking software installer in seconds, Its builds a single, self contained executable file which you can then distribute. RedShift displays a realtime preview of your installer while you are working - saving you time since you don't need to keep rebuilding just to see if everything looks fine.

    • Name your installer & choose a splash image
    • Type or paste in your software license text
    • Select your folder of files to be installed
    • Enter shortcuts to your exe and help files
    • Click 'Build'

    »» Download RedShift Installation System - visit website
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Anonymous said...

nice list as usual:-)
thanks for sharing bro..


infinitewebprofit said...

Great free tools!
Thanks for these list of free tools.

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