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Compiles all the VB 6 Projects in a given directory. I have TONS of VB projects for my main applications as I prefer to break of utilities, reporting tools etc to their own EXE rather than have one great big EXE. This makes it easier for me to send out an update to a client for one part of the system ... (No, I have not yet moved to VB.NET as I do not see a benefit for the style of applications I write. There are lots of negatives, to me, but few benefits.) You can choose to do a 'test' compile, in which case it will backup the original EXE file, compile to see if there are errors then replace the original EXE (regardless of errors or not). Or you can choose to do a full recompile, which will compile the EXE and set the version number and revision number across all EXEs to be same. It will also look for a file called CompileAll.TXT in the same directory as the VBPs and use any information in here to replace the same information in the VBPs. You can use this to keep all VBPs pointing to the same help file, update copyright settings, product name etc.

[Download Compile All]

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